TIEFIX by General Plastics – short profile

Established in 1952, General Plastics are the European leaders in agricultural ties, food bag closures and high security seals.

We are located in Rome, Italy, and are represented in all European countries and abroad, supplying the most important bag closing machine makers, the greatest bakeries, pasta, biscuit and sweets producers.

Our ties are also widely appreciated in agriculture where their unique features suit the needs of vine growers worldwide and are well known to farmers and gardeners. Our innovative Tiefix-2k, for example, is the only 100% biodegradable fast tie existing on the market and can be applied at very fast speed with small tying tools.

We also produce special caps and closures for pharmaceuticals, high security seals and plastic nets for various purposes (fruit and toy packaging, protection of metal and wooden parts, etc).

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