TAPETYER - nastri - punti metallici
  • TAPETYER - nastri - punti metallici

TAPETYER - plastic rolls - staples

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Semi-automatic TAPETYER 

 + 10,000 STAPLES + 50 plastic ROLLS(choice of ribbon thickness)


pacchetti: 1 tapetyer+50 bob.240 mic.+1 scatola di punti
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Semi-automatic tapetyer. The best choice for tying flowers, orchard and garden plants!

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The Tapetyer for nurseries ties with a single hand by applying a staple to a ribbon loop.

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Here you can buy TAPETYER + 1 staples box (10.000 pcs) + 5 plastic rolls boxesin various thicknesses:100, 150 and 240 micron, for proper lifetime.


  •      sampler package with 1 Tapetyer + 10,000 staples + 50 plastic rolls (assorted 100, 150 & 240 micron)

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