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Kit Dispenser TIEFIX
  • Kit Dispenser TIEFIX

TIEFIX twist-tie Dispensers + free refills


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Sampler kit with 3  different TIEFIX ,longlasting and biodegradable, with 3 Free refills

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You will wanto to use TIEFIX ties even at home for closing your bags, tying

your plants or electric cables and several other applications.


Available in blisterpacks a well as in dispensers (25, 50 and 100 m.) - Each dispenser comes with a built-in cutter, allowing for quick cutting the desired length. You will find them at your local hardware-store, garden center, department-store or hobby-shop.

Make sure that you see the TIEFIX logo! Don't forget that TIEFIX twist-ties are made up of 100% biodegradable paper or harmless plastics, while most imitations are made up of wasted PVC and may be harmful for both you and your surrounding environment!

Each TIEFIX Dispenser sample kit contains:

- 1 Economy Dispenser with 100 meters TIEFIX paper , 100% biodegradable, with cutter

- 1 refillable dispenser with 50 meters TIEFIX classic,with cutter

- 1 Economy Dispenser with 25 meters TIEFIX classic, with cutter

- 3 refills, with 25 meters TIEFIX classic                                    

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